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Seminar | Men and Emotions: Challenges for Young Men of Color

CI# EXT100c Men and Emotions: Challenges for Young Men of Color (No CEUs)

Instructors: Alvin McLean, Jr., Ph.D. and Stewart Perrilliat, MATS

Course Description 

This seminar provides an overview of the publications and clinical research regarding the emotions of young men of color. There will be a special focus on how young men can learn to be more effective in expressing their emotions in order to become successful in their interpersonal relationships and parenting. In addition, physiological, neuropsychological, behavioral, and spiritual factors will be examined and discussed in order to better understand men and their emotions.

City College of San Francisco

88 Fourth Street, San Francisco

Mission St. Room 821


Cost is FREE

Friday, March 13, 2020; 9am-4pm

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Course Learning Outcomes

Define emotions from a physiological, neuropsychological, and behavioral perspective.

Distinguish how men experess emotions differently from women.

Delineate differences in the expression of emotions of young men of color.

Describe how types of interventions (physiological, cognitive-behavioral, spiritual) can impact how men express and experience emotions.

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