Peter Goldblum, PhD, MPH; Brandon Hoeflein, MS; Michael J. Adee, PhD; and Rev. Floyd Thompkins

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There is much to commend in Yarhouse’s book on therapy with clients experiencing sexual and religious identity conflict. While not totally compatible with the views of LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy, we appreciate his fostering this important conversation. Perhaps the author’s greatest accomplishment is simply his courage to take on such a sensitive topic, trying to navigate between two strongly held values systems and trying to find common ground where possible. Further, we applaud his focus on the need for therapists to understand and honor the importance that religion has for many clients and to recognize that this intersectionality has sadly been overlook by some in the Affirmative Therapy community, although this assertion must be assumed to be anecdotal given the lack of research citations to justify it. Finally, he rightly points out the distress caused when religious ideology conflicts with one’s sexual attractions and the need for treatment strategies that provide help and not harm.

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