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JPF is a community of people who share the common purpose of Martin Luther King’s beloved community and engage in change through projects and seminars.

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From the CEO…

What do you do when the old no longer works and the new has not arrived? This is the question that fuels the soul and spirit of those who join our community at JPF. We draw upon the lessons of the struggles for all human beings to be treated with dignity and respect and the sacrifices for equitable and peaceful relationships among people. We invite all into our circle of friends and fellow workers for a bright future for the planet and the people who live on it.

In my 35-year career in community working with visionaries I have come to value the power of a community of supportive, imaginative and responsible individuals. Whatever the future holds, it is clear, we will not arrive at it whole and strong without all of us finding a way to live together, work together, disagree with one another and yet affirm and strengthen the bonds of love that creates the courage for justice.

Whether you come to JPF out of curiosity or are seeking community of those who share the common purpose of Martin Luther King’s beloved community, I invite you to join one of our national or international projects, consider taking one of our seminars.

Please take the time to leave us a note so that we can connect and offer you innovative opportunities, and avenues to come join in community with people who want to help one another find the new and powerful answers for this generation.


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