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A Great Sister has Gone Home

It is with a heart filled with sadness and shock that I tell you that the Rev. Janice Sommerville died December 30th. Please keep Karen and her son in your prayers

If you participated in  Project Trust, Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone Project or the Phone App project you were blessed by the presence of Rev. Sommerville’s ministry. Her concern and deep compassion for pastors and ministers was undeniable. At JPF we freely admit that Janice and Kathy changed our program design. They are the reason that,  whenever JPF engages with pastors, we now lead with a space and place for pastoral care for leaders.

We will miss Rev. Janice and I cannot personally seem to find the words to express my gratitude for her and to her family. She was someone with whom I prayed and cried over ministers and ministry. Janice passion burned so brightly. We were blessed that many of us thrived in her light. We even now await a decision for publication of an article that she helped write and edit.

Yours in the sure hope of the resurrection, 

Floyd Thompkins Jr
Chief Executive Officer

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